Rich Enterprises is pleased to serve the commercial janitorial service industry. Our cold calling services allow your outside sales reps to focus on closing, while we focus on lead generation and appointment setting. We help your business obtain janitorial contracts within your service area.

  • Cold calling and prospecting
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Appointment setting services
  • Inside sales outsourcing

Over ten years experience in cold calling

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Secure Janitorial Accounts and Clients With Telemarketing - Rich Enterprises

Most janitorial companies are seeking new sales leads and business growth.  A strong inside sales team determines if your commercial cleaning business obtains desired business growth and obtains new clients with janitorial and cleaning needs and agreements.

Many professional offices and other businesses outsource their janitorial services to a service provider and janitorial vendor. With the current economic times, businesses are much more receptive to competitive bids for janitorial services and commercial cleaning services. Our B2B commercial telemarketing services are vital to growing companies - just like yours. Our sales outsourcing programs will take your business to the next level.

We have been in business since 1999 and have serviced a wide customer base including commercial janitorial and commercial cleaning accounts. We have helped our clients develop a new customer base and achieve higher revenues by providing new sales leads and qualified appointments so that their sales team can issue a competitive bid for cleaning contracts or related projects.   Our services include cold calling, telemarketing, lead generation, appointment setting, and lead qualification.

Janitorial Inside SalesWe act as your inside sales team, so that your outside sales team can utilize their time wisely in closing and negotiating new cleaning service contracts rather than cold calling and researching.

  • Rich Enterprises works in conjunction with your outside sales staff. We complete the legwork in commercial janitorial sales. TOGETHER, we can increase your revenues and the overall success of your company.
  • Our lead generation services will bring sales opportunities and qualified appointments to you.

Our wide industry experience can be summarized as:

  • Rich Enterprises specializes in commercial telemarketing and inside sales functions.
  • We have served the janitorial services industry for over eight years.
  • We have been in business for over ten years and served a variety of industries.

Our primary services include:

  • Commercial telemarketing and cold calling to your prospect based upon the type of business, number of employees, and geographical factors..
  • Qualification of interested prospects based upon their current janitorial needs, frequency of cleaning, and willingness to seek new janitorial vendors for their janitorial needs.
  • Qualifying questions will be developed to meet your specific needs. Probing questions will gather information that will be helpful to you in conducting the initial janitorial assessment.
  • Lead generation services.  We will report all interested and qualified prospects directly to you.
  • Appointment setting campaigns. We will set appointments for your janitorial sales team.

Our outbound calling campaigns include:

  • Scripting and program outline to define your janitorial campaign and provide optimal results.
  • Contact list if based upon our standard factors of SIC codes, number of employees, and geographical factors.
  • Daily reporting with details of each cold call and related results.  
  • Lead or appointment reports will provide detailed information for each janitorial appointment or qualified lead. 

We specialize in providing:

  • Small commercial inside sales programs beginning with only ten hours per week.
  • Customized b2b telemarketing programs developed to meet your needs for qualified leads.
  • Commercial janitorial lead generation and appointment setting.

Could your business benefit from 200 to 1000 prospecting and cold calls EACH week?

Would you like to better penetrate your market and find new commercial and industrial cleaning contracts?

Does your sales team have time to research prospects, make cold calls, and find new janitorial opportunities?

Would you like your commercial account reps. to sign additional cleaning agreements and contracts?

Please contact us at 888-443-5247 to learn more about how our commercial janitorial inside sales services could increase your sales and revenue.  

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