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We work with janitorial companies that want to grow. We help them by providing new sales leads and opportunities to present to new clients. We specialize in services such as:

  • Cold calling into commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Finding out if they use a janitorial company, the size of the building, and cleaning frequency.
  • Lead generation campaigns - We will generate qualified leads for your commercial cleaning services.
  • Appointment setting services - We will set appointments for you to present your offering.

We have helped our clients develop a new customer base and achieve higher revenues by providing new sales leads and qualified appointments, so that their sales team can issue a competitive bid for cleaning contracts and janitorial services.

Contact us today for our start -up kit:

  • Segmentation graphic - Learn which markets are best to call and have solid return on investment
  • Sales pipeline graphic - Learn what typical numbers are expected for cold calling campaigns.
  • Janitorial solutions graphic - Learn what optional add-on services you can offer to enhance your business
  • Questions and qualifier guide - Learn what questions to ask to gather info
  • Consultation with our CEO and/or Program Manager - Learn from the experts
  • Cold calling packages and related pricing - Learn about pricing structures and related costs
  • Links to our YouTube videos - Watch short videos to learn about segments, services, and more
  • Getting started guide - Learn about the process for starting a campaign
  • Quick profiles - Learn about us, our team, our methods, and our clients
  • Program success factors - Learn about what makes a program successful
  • And above all, learn how to increase your sales and revenues with lead generation and appointment setting

Want to learn more? Ready to grow?

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