Cold Calling Services

Cold calling is key!

If you want more janitorial accounts, you’ve got to develop a plan, a system, and strategy for calling on new clients.  You can drive around town and drop off brochures, but that can be time consuming, exhausting, and fruitless.   You can only drop off so many brochure before it becomes apparent that the activity is not working effectively or an efficient use of time.

You've got to keep reaching out to those potential clients. One of the most simplistic ways to do that is via phone. But how much time do you really have for sitting down and calling your business prospects in the afternoon? Where are you going to find that time? So now you've got to find options and you've got to look at better ways. Perhaps there's a company that can help you - a company that specifically handles your cold calling via phone to continuously reach out to new prospects. 

What is cold calling

Cold calling is simply reaching out to business prospects, finding out who's interested, and who's qualified. If the call goes well and they have a need, we will set the appointment for you or someone from your sales team. This way your sales team can focus on presenting, issuing quotations, and building rapport with new clients. 

Cold calling involves of lot of strategizing to make sure that you are reaching out to the right businesses and asking the right questions. It takes strategy and effort to make sure that cold calling is effective. But it's necessary to make sure that your business is on the right trajectory for growth and is a great tool for growing your client base.

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